• Worked in film labs in Hungary and Israel learning and doing film 
Prints, grading, blow-Ups to 35mm, and Telecine work. 

• Knowledge of working with a big variety of video and film cameras: all 
Sony models, RED, Arri, Aaton, Panasonic, JVC, Canon DSLR  and 
more and have a vast experience working with green screen and post 
production effects for fiction and corporate films.

• Invited by Kodak to the Cannes film festival as one of the 8 young 
Cinematographers in Europe in 2006.         

• Experience in different genres and mixed genre Films: Documentary, fiction and corporate. Films were screened in film festivals, TV channels (Israel, Germany, Holland, France) and the cinema.

• Has 4 years of experience filming corporate films for the biggest companies in Israel: banks, Hi-Tech companies, fashion and many more.


Note:This do not include corporate films and various other projects 

"Demons and madness" - 2011, 90 min, fiction/documentary (HDSLR and 
HDV), Jerusalem film festival, feature film category.

- "Kate" - 2011, 30min, fiction (HDSLR)

- "The Midnight Lover"- 2010,  music video (RED ONE)  
- "All day" - 2010, 15min, fiction (HD, Sony EX-3)

- "Queen Hantarisha” - 2009, 50min, documentary (HD)

- "Gabi is hungry” , 2009, 30min, fiction (HD) 

- "Nisan Nativ” - 2009, 90min, documentary (video) 

- "The columbian”- 2009, 60min, documentary (video)

- "Before the law” - 2008, 10min, fiction. (HD)

- “Adam's day”, 2008, 27min, fiction (HD) (Jerusalem film festival and the 
Brelin film festival).

- "The switch"- 2007, 90min, fiction (video)

- "Yemen, Yemen"- 2008, 50min, documentary (HD) (for national Israeli TV).

- "Harmonica Swing" – 2008, 30min, fiction (super16 film).

- "Bocharien Trilogy", 2007, 20 min (part1 of 3), fiction (B&W, super16 Film).

- "
Saint Phallus", 2006, 25min fiction (produced by the National Israeli 

- "Vika", 2006, 20min fiction (super16 film, 35mm copy) festivals & awards - 
Berlin international film festival, Special Mention, best short film; zinebe, 
international festival of documentary and short, Spain, best picture award ; 
birds eye view festival, emerging women film makers prize; Film Festival of 
the Film Academy of Vienna; Festival International Du Film D'Aubagne 
2006,france,special mention; Lola Kenya Screen, Africa’s first annual 
international film festival, best picture & promising director; Jerusalem 
international film festival.

- "Solnishka", 2005, 20 min fiction (super16 film,35mm copy) festivals & 
awards - Cannes Film Festival, Kodak Short Film Show Case; 1st Prize, Media 
School 2005, Lodz, Poland, 2005; Hatch Audiovisual Arts festival, Bozerman, 
Montana, USA, 2006; Fipa, D’Argent Prize (second place), Biarritz, France, 
2006 ; 2nd place award in The Fiction Short Film Category, Monterrey 
International Film Festival, Mexico, 2006; Base Film Festival, Barcelona, 
Spain, 2006; Fresh Film Festival, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, 2006; Munich 
International Festival of Film Schools, Germany, 2006; 

- “Elinor"- 2005, 12min fiction (16mm film) 

- "On the way" - 2004, 10min fiction (16mm film)

- "
Daughter"- 2004, 5min fiction (16mm film) 

- “Alone"- 2003, 4min fiction (film) 

- "Two women" - 2003, 4min fiction (16mm film) 

- “The cane" - 2002, 4 min fiction (16mm film)

- "A couple together"

- 2001, 5min fiction (video) 
Another country"

- 2001, 10min documentary (video) 

- “The rabbi Forman" - 2001, 10min documentary 

- "The prostitute" - 2001, 4min fiction (video) 

- "A kid at home" -2000, 4min fiction (video)