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Originally from Israel, Oron Cohen began filmmaking at the age of 16. He studied cinematography at the highly acclaimed Sam Spiegel Film & Television School, Jerusalem, and graduated in 2005 as the best cinematographer in his year.

Since graduating, Oron has worked for a large number of production companies from around the world and has been the director of photography for feature films, documentaries, TV dramas, short films, and music videos. A number of these productions have been screened and have won awards at the leading International film festivals, including Cannes, Berlin, Birds Eye View, Media School Lodz, and Fipa.

Oron believes that every film has to have its own voice and its own language, because every film tells a unique story. In his work he aspires to transform the story into emotions, and then the emotions into light and images. In order to achieve this, he likes to take inspiration from a broad range of art forms – painting, sculpturing, photography, and even music – which help to shape the film's visual language.

In addition, Oron possesses an in-depth technical knowledge, ranging from Digital to all film formats. He learnt his craft mainly on negative film and has a passion for film cameras, although he was also one of the first people back in 2007 to embrace Digital 4K cinema cameras with the RED ONE. He believes strongly that all these formats and cameras (from Arri Alexa and RED EPIC to 35mm or even a 16mm Bolex) should co-exist in order to give the cinematographer a greater range of tools to capture light with and to 'paint' the image in a more subtle and specific way.